Another life lost.

It is sad when a life is lost. Especially when the person isn’t old nor sick.


I moved this this farm when I was 15 years old. My dad and mom was coming here to work. The man that owned it and his wife walked around with us while they talked about the job and what all it entailed.

Through the years of me moving out and starting a life of my own,we still had contact with this farm and it’s owners through my parents. I will admit, it was a cordial acquaintance. We spoke and had conversations but not what you would call a friendship.

Five years ago this month, I moved back to this same farm, this time  in a trailer across from my parents home. I paid rent and still didn’t have a big relationship with the wife until two years ago when I started working with her as a part time job to help pay off some bills. For the next year and half . I really got to know this woman. I know she suffered from depression, she was bipolar and abused mental. Her husband had always yelled at her, like a dog. She couldn’t even make a decision without his approval. It shrunk her self esteem to nothing. Of course their children growing up seeing this, her 20 something year old son, treated her the same way. In which when I was around I would speak my mind about such behavior. On many occasions I would tell her son that no child should ever speak to their mother that way. I guess I’m old school, I was taught to respect my elders and parents. She would get a kick out of me sticking up for her. But she still wouldn’t speak up for herself.

Well I quit that job but I still talked to this woman. Not only because she was my landlord, like before but I actually tried to show her kindness that I know she hadn’t received.

This woman two weeks ago started getting sick. Not like a cold or anything but she in my opinion was getting depressed again. Her husband was taking her back and forth to the Dr. Finally they put her in the hospital, yesterday she died. They are thinking a blood clot. When I heard the news I was speechless. It came out of nowhere. Just two weeks ago, she was working on the farm, and getting along fine

I just pray that this lady is at rest now. In heaven, with other angels that won’t degrade her and make her feel less than.

She was only ten years older than me, I wish with all my heart, I could go back and start a friendship with her sooner. She had a great sense of humor and was a really good person.

I hope you RIP Patsy and fly high with the angels. You will be missed.

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