Friendship Revolution

Friendship, if you look up the definition it is a relationship of mutual affection between two or more people.

I’ve always had trouble making friends. I have acquaintances. People I see everyday but I know it’s not the same thing as a friend. I have a best friend since high school, but between life, work and kids, we don’t hang out as much as we’d both like too.

I must say since starting this page and joining an group, I’ve made more friends in the last 8 months than I’ve had my whole life. People that I share my good as well as bad times with and they share theirs with me. Even though I will probably never meet them face to face, they are there for me as I will be for them.

We all need a friend from time to time, to lift us up when we are down. To laugh with us at the funny parts of life. To lend an ear when the life is just to hard to handle. Isn’t that what being human is about.

A true friend has compassion.

A true friend knows that even when you disagree with each other, that your friendship means more than letting it escalate to losing a friend.

So go hug your friend and let them know you love them.



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