Sunday Confessions: Father

Father that word holds so many emotions for me.

Happy: I had the greatest father. He was always around, worked hard to give me a good life. Always there when I needed anything whether it was a shoulder to cry on, a father figure for my son. He also showed me what a good parent is supposed to be. Kind, gentle, even strict when the time was needed. He was definitely a rock in my eyes, the way a father should be to their daughter.

Sadness: I’ve had friends that were sexual and physically abused by their father. The man in their life that should be the pillar of how a man is supposed to treat them, their first male role model in life. That has damaged them beyond repair in some cases. Ending in being the wrong interpretation of men in these young girls eyes.

Confusion: I’ve seen fathers walk away from their own child like they don’t matter at all. They created this life and it’s a lifetime commitment. Not to throw away that bond that a child can only get from their father.

Excitement: I get to be the father in my sons lives. I have participated as my oldest son has turned into a young man. I get to be the one to guide him through the sex talk, the girls in general talk, the talk about drugs. I am also the one that got to teach him to shave just a few months ago.

Disappointment: My sons will never have that connection with their fathers the way I did with mine.

Hope: I only hope in this single parenting thing I have is that I teach my sons that their children is a gift from God, Not to be abused or ignored, walked away from. But to be treasured and to cherish every moment they have with their own children. To build a bond with them that no one can ever break because that is what I had with my dad.

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2 Responses to Sunday Confessions: Father

  1. Jenn Solivais, Sparkly Poetic Weirdo says:

    Creative word association way to do your Sunday Confessions-I really dig it.

    I hope too and believe that your love and their experiences will guide them into being loving men and fathers one day.


  2. jsackmom says:

    Beautifully written, I love how you incorporated all levels of emotions in your blog. Well done my sweet Momma, blessings to you and your sons. 💗🎄


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