My facebook family

Six months or so ago, I was spiraling downward into a state of mind where I thought there was nothing life had for me other than my boys. My family and I talk but there has been a strain on our relationships since my dad passed away. I felt like I had no one to turn to and just be myself. I work third shift, so it makes it even harder to find people to talk to and making friends with. I pride myself being an upbeat person, always finding the good in everyone. Never one to speak my mind. Just bottle it all up.

At this time I started liking and following a few pages. I finally started commenting on their pages. Through their life, I started talking about mine. They became my friends, without them even really knowing how much so. I don’t really know how it happened but I grew to love a lot of these people. Even thought of some as family. Through this pages I have made some awesome relationships. There is a punk that later became king, That has become a very dear friend. I think of him as my adopted son. There is a Brain that has become like my little sister. I have met a star trek nerd that has become a very dear friend and a honey badger that has inspired me that no mater what life throws at you, be strong and it will be alright.

Since then I have started my own page. Through this page, I have made even more people who I cherish with all my heart. I have met a mom of twins with autism. I have met another mom that is found joy in motherhood. I have met someone with just a shot of common sence.  These ladies have become very dear friends that I love sharing my life with.

I have heard the old statement, that social media is not for real relationships. But I am here to tell you it is. Some of the greatest people I know and love that I have never met but they are in this screen everyday. They are my friends. They are my family. I love you all dearly. Thanks for being here, when I needed a friend..


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14 Responses to My facebook family

  1. punkrockpapa says:

    You’re awesome Elaine and I love you so much! You’re very dear to me! I want you to know I consider you like family as well!


  2. jsackmom says:

    This is so beautiful and I agree with you. My hubby bothers me about always being on my phone after our kids are out to bed and it’s just him and I up watching tv. He says this to me from his iPad where he crushes evil candy and tries not to get drowned by chocolate. I tell him all the people I love are in this phone, including the ones in this house. I’ve moved a lot for his career, so I’ve made lots of friends over the years in different towns. But I’m new to town once again and feeling so lonely, doing hang out on social media and sometimes find someone as lonely as me. And we engage , share, and hours pass and my heart doesn’t hurt for a little while. Thank you for sharing your life and love for your Facebook family. ❤️


  3. This is such a nice sentiment. I also thought people were nuts when they said they had “internet friends” but I have found some of the most entertaining, hilarious, crazy and caring people through having my blog and sharing stories with people I met through facebook and my blog. I never thought I’d say this but I totally get it. You made me tear up a little. I’m glad you found a new outlet and hoping that things are looking brighter every day for you! You deserve it!


  4. For years I was a gamer… the whole World of Warcraft, star wars etc. This was before the blogging and such. I have met so,many.great.people. Some I have actually met in rl. Some of these people have made the biggest impact in life. Love this, totally relate! Thanks for the share.


  5. sunflower says:

    ❤ agree with every word! Glad I found you xx


  6. Love, love, love this. You are an amazing woman! I’m so glad I met you!! 💜💜💜


  7. Gretchen Kellaway says:

    I love you heart sister! Always! ♡♡


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