My Monkey, My miracle baby…

I was told after I was shot in the stomach, I should never try to get pregnant again. The Dr. said that if I did the baby or myself probably would not survive. What went through my head was, I could not have one child become motherless to try for another child. I was content with one son.

When I first missed my period, I freaked. I went out and bought 5 home pregnancy tests. All came back positive. Still went to dr. next day. Yes, I was indeed pregnant. I was currently on blood thinner so it wouldn’t affect the baby I had to start shots in my stomach, twice a day. That I gave myself. My dr. recommended I go to high risk dr. at the best hospital in NC. So for the next 9 months I was told that a c-section was the last option. We wanted a vaginal birth. I had ultra sounds every two weeks. Which I was told there was a lot of scar tissue. They thought he had bi-lateral club feet and they found a hole in his heart.

The whole time, they told me that if a c-section was had to be. I would have a general surgeon as well as my ob. in there. It would be complicated because of the scar tissue. They was not sure what they would get into.

Two days after I was due, I was at the hospital to have this balloon thing done to see if it would help contractions become stronger and more effective. When this dr. I hadn’t met told me, that he was doing a c-section and he didn’t need any other there. He knew everything to do. A cocky little butthole is what he was. So of course I freaked out. I wanted to leave, after debating with the assistant dr. and my mother. I left, two days later I was at the Dr. office and one of my regulars apologized and they scheduled a c-section for next day. I was a nervous wreck, but there was two dr. my ob and a general surgeon Two anaesthesia and an assistant dr. As well as three nurses. I was still a wreck.

I was given a epidural and a spinal block. In case it took more than an hour, the spinal block would pick up when the epidural wore off. They cut me at 9:45 am and they were pulling monkey out at 10;17am. It was not at all what they were expecting. they tied my tubes and I was in recovery holding my 9 lb 11 oz baby by 10:45.

He was born with bi-lateral club feet. which they started taking care of when he was a week old and the hole in his heart closed by the time he was a month old. Now I have a very healthy, happy little guy to make our family complete.


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