Sunday Cofessions: Satisfied

There is a lot of areas in my life I am satisfied with.

One of them is being a mom. I have always tried to put my kids first. Been their everything in life. A mom, friend, punishier and teacher. I always believed to be a parent you have to be their friend. So they know they can trust you to always have their back. A punishier because sometimes time outs, and yes spankings are involved in any parenting role. Teacher, to teach them right from wrong. To always be kind even when sometimes you have to walk away to be the kindest. To be individuals, never forget they are different from every other person in this world but its okay.

I am satisfied in my love life. Sometimes its just better to be alone than deal with relationships. No cheating and lying. No arguing, or fighting over the little things in life. My heart is full in the way of love for my kids. When they grow up, I can be an awesome grandma and I will always have my fur-babies to keep me company..

In my career, I am pretty much satisfied. I make good money. I am the boss to 5 people, which means I get to delegate. That is awesome…  Would I be happier? Of course but I am satisfied enough for now.

The only place in my life I feel unsatisfied is in friendships. I have always been a closed type person. I can talk about other people all day long. But to honestly open up about myself. It is hard for me. I don’t like to be criticized or ridiculed. I have suffered from depression. Still fight it everyday. What keeps it at bay is my boys. Where would they be without me? Every time I think I have found a true friend, It seems to be not so. I have had a lot of hardships in my life. With the help of no one I have got through them.

So in conclusion, be a true friend to someone. It could help them more than you know…

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10 Responses to Sunday Cofessions: Satisfied

  1. jsackmom says:

    I loved this as I believe in your parenting philosophy. I think it takes being satisfied with ourselves to feel comfortable in our skin. It sounds like you’re living a great life and are a great Mom. Like you I’m a private person, and the friends I do have are like my sisters. Yet I write way more about myself, than I do talk. But that’s ok in the end I’m there for my family and I become my own best friend.


  2. buttercuppieces2013 says:

    I think it gets harder to find those friendships when you become a parent. You first have to find people who understands that being single mom isn’t easy, and unlike our married counterparts, there are some luxuries we just don’t have. Once you find someone that understands that, it comes down matches times to get together. This is where, I personally, find my friendships difficult, but both of us make it work as best as we can. Those are the meaningful ones. It’s just the process of getting there or weeding out people who waste your time. You’ll find friends when you least expect it. Trust me. Overall love the piece!


  3. It is hard to share a part of ourselves and put it out on the line. We neverwant to feel ridiculed or mocked when we search for friendship.But you share a part of yourself when you write and connect to your readers and followers…which I know isbf exactly the same as having a girls night BUT you are connecting with people iis important and appreciated.

    If you ever want to chat I’m only a message away!


  4. ^ wow excuse the typos.

    -“isbf” should be “isn’t”.
    -“iis” should be “which is”.


  5. Hot Ash says:

    I think friendship as an adult is hard. Kids or no kids. It’s rough out there. It really is.

    Great post. Thanks for being here.


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